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CALL+RESPONSE=A New Film On Trafficking

October 29, 2008

Ok all you Americans– Call+Response is a new film about Human Trafficking and it is coming to a theater near you.  I got to go to a sneak preview for trafficking professionals in DC this summer and was pretty impressed.  It is a great educational tool and intro to the issue– using the talents of esteemed musicians, the passion of leading experts, social activists and even a few feisty historians to lay out a great foundation understanding this complex issue.  It’s part documentary, part concert. There is also a lot of talk about SE Asain and organizations working in my neck of the woods, so definitely try to catch it when it comes! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT— and let me know your thoughts when you do

Click here for the trailer

Click here for ticket/city info

P.S. This film is GRASSROOTS– relatively normal people like me and you made it possible.  Pretty cool, huh?