into the wilds– 400 km bike ride across Cambodia

Starting tomorrow morning nice and early, we are headed to North Western Cambodia. Our final destination is a magical place called Rattinakiri, a true jungle experience with possibility for lions, tigers and bears oh my! (well, no bears, no lions, but other large beastly things like elephants and monkies and interesting wild versions of buffalo and tigers and such).

It’s going to be long— possibly up to 400km (that’s gonna be hard on a good no-butt like mine), but I am absolutely thrilled to get out out out to experience some true Cambodia, and a ride through some of the most ethnically and geographically and ecologically diverse areas of Cambodia. It is also the Khmer New Year, so what a culturally rich time to be running about in the provinces. I am looking forward to it much.

I’m headed out there with my co-worker Tim and some other friends, maybe 5 of us total, to bear the dust, the mosquitoes, sunshine and the beauty together. There are even some rare Mekong River dolphins (only 70 left!!) we might spy.

Here is a link to a google map that charts our trail– so you can follow along.


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