Address!! Mail? :*) — Keeping in Touch!!

Mail!! If you want to send some…. here is my mailing address:    :*)

Betsy Bramon

c/o Hagar International

P.O. Box 1521

Phnom Penh

Kingdom of Cambodia

A Few Words of Wisdom:

  • Mail is slow- it takes about 3 weeks to get here (routed through Bangkok, but it used to be Moscow, so at least they’ve made a little progress in the past several years, ha)
  • If you have an important package, it is best to send by registered/courier mail.  We have DHL and Fed Ex here (though I am not sure that Fed Ex will deliver to a post box).  Anything really important should be sent through registered mail. But packages can be sent via ordinary mail here ok as well.  It just could be a little risky.
  • Letters are nice to receive 🙂 And to give.

If you would like to CALL my cell phone to chat, please e-mail me for my number and I’ll gladly plan a time with you.  We can also SKYPE (which is a FREE program you just download, I know many of you already use it) which is very easy too.

My time zone is GMT+7

That is 13 hours ahead of the Midwest (USA) and 12 hours ahead of the East Coast (USA)

Yay for communication! :*)


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